Club Membership


406 Cruisers is always accepting new members! Learn more About 406 Cruisers

Full Membership benefits include:

  • Local discounts from retailers, repair shops and custom shops – check out our sponsors in the footer!
  • Access to a vast network of Toyota experts in restoration and importing
  • Trail rides and events
  • Large local community
  • Clinics and demo’s

How to join with full member benefits: 

  1. Become a member of the TLCA. You can get information at
  2. Pay dues with 406 Cruisers. The annual cost of admission is $26, or you can buy a 5 year membership for $105. Click here to join through
  3. You will also want to join the community. Not only is this a great resource for information about your trucks, it’s where we do most of our communication. Sign-up is free and easy. Be sure to say hello on the Introductions thread. 
  4. We will be sending you discount card to your email address in a .pdf form. You can print them out at home or local Office Max or Staples.


Associate Membership:

Associate Membership is for those who do not drive a Toyota 4wd vehicle, but would still like to join 406Cruisers. Associate members have no voting privileges, nor can they be officers of the Club, nor will they be eligible for all club benefits. However, associate members are welcomed to come on club rides and join club meetings.

    1. Pay dues with 406 Cruisers. The annual cost of admission is $26. Click here to join through
    2. Notes while signing up… you will be required to put a TLCA#. Please put ASSOCIATE for that question as well as the the TLCA expiration Date.