We love our Toyota Trucks. Plain and simple. We love to drive them, clean them, and then get them dirty again. We work on them, wax them, and haul stuff around in them.  406 Cruisers is a club about the appreciation and passion that we have for our Toyota Trucks. From rock crawlers to overland rigs, highly modified or bone stock, 406 Cruisers welcomes you. Based out of Bozeman, we are the first and only TLCA chapter in Montana, and we welcome ALL Toyota 4WD’s. Land Cruisers, FJ Cruisers, Tacoma’s or mini’s…heck, if you’ve got a Corolla with a transfer case, you’re in!

The Toyota Land Cruiser Association has been around since 1976, and has grown to a member base of  almost 3,000, spread out over 20+ countries! Members enjoy nationwide discounts, many annual trail rides and sanctioned 4×4 events,  and a friendly community.  To many, the Toyota Trails Magazine is the biggest perk of all. Check them out at tlca.org

We meet monthly, usually on the second Tuesday at 7pm. We try to keep the meeting venue interesting as well. Whether it’s a tour of Dark Horse Customs, a powder coating demonstration, or a cup of coffee, it’s always a good time!

One of our favorite ways to enjoy our trucks is out on the trail. We love to explore our beautiful state. From ghost towns and tunnels to geological phenomena with beautiful scenery; Montana has it all!