Vehicle Prep Checklist


  • Retorque to lug nuts to factory settings.
  • Check for Unusual wear
  • Check for obvious cuts in sidewalls,
  • get balanced/rotated.
  • Replace lost valve stem caps
  • Check air pressure on Spare.
  • Check repair kit parts, replace if needed.
  • Spares: Wheel studs, lug nuts and tire iron.


  • Grease all factory Zerk fittings, driveshafts, u-joints, slip yokes, TRE’s and steering components.
  • Check for driveline play
  • Look for drive shaft dings
  • Check steering components for wear
  • Blow out diff breathers


  • Check all fluids and top off/change as necessary.
  • Clean or replace air filter
  • Check for worn belts
  • Check for worn hoses
  • Spares: Plugs, ignitors, fuel filter, serpentine belt, belts.


  • Check brake pads and rotors, replace or turn as necessary.
  • Check brake lines at rest and full droop.
  • Check brake bolts for proper torque.
  • Flush brake fluid if needed.

Suspension and Steering:

  • Check springs for wear/cracks/worn bushings
  • Check shocks and boot covers for pitting, dents, bushings, bolt tightened.
  • Retorque/repack wheel bearings.
  • Look for an replace worn steering components


  • Set up CB with SWR meter.
  • Perform Radio Check
  • Follow Pat’s workshop.

First Aid:

  • Check first aid and replenish items as needed.
  • Look for expired meds and replace.
  • Add any new items you might need.
  • Pack Spot, Sat Phone, In Reach etc.


  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Adjust Parking Brake
  • Hide Spare key on rig
  • Pack spare fuses
  • Respool winch rope tight
  • Pack winch remote inside
  • Aim Lights (safety and courtesy)
  • Fix known issues at home, not on the trail.

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