Dillion Club Run May 22, 2021

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Our first run of the season is this coming weekend. May 22nd. Here are the details, remember this is adventure so not everything is planned to the finest detail, we’ll get down there, have a good time, make real time decisions based on trail conditions and get to know each other. Our plan is to explore some of the terrain near the Black Tail Mountains/Dillion area (loosely). For those of you from Bozeman we will pass through Virginia CIty, Montana’s original Capital. It is beautiful country and should be mostly clear of snow.

Each of our official 406 club runs are designed to be flexible. You can run one long day (Saturday) or come out Friday night and camp and enjoy a leisurely morning on Saturday before airing down. Also, you can choose your own adventure and stay after the official club run and explore some more… it’s up to you. The official run ends after Saturdays adventure.


Where: Dillion Area (rougly 2 hours from Bozeman). We are going to meet Friday night for those who want to camp AND LEAVE from the same spot on Saturday morning from THIS SPOT (45.06286,-112.24200) we will circle the wagons here for camping.

Friday night for camping, roll up anytime you like. I am hoping to duck out a bit early and claim the camp spot.

Saturday Morning: we are going to roll out of camp at 10am… please note, that means we are heading down the trail at 10am, not starting to kick tires and air down. We will leave the camp at 10am sharp, please plan accordingly. Due to the nature of these trips, the group size and trail conditions it is hard for us to guarantee we will keep to the plan. If you want to ride with the club on Saturday be there on time.

Trail/Vehicle Requirements:
This is a easy going trail, think more overland than rock crawling, any stock rig with a good driver should be fine. @nohermosa correct me if I am wrong here. But please have your rig ready for the trail, don’t bring a project truck that hasn’t been proved and be ready for a long day of driving. Below is the route we are shooting for… as always trail conditions may vary and we may alter the route accordingly.

Other Details:
Coms: CB Channel 4 and HAM 146.460
Gas up as close to the campsite as possible (if you are coming from Bozeman, gas up in Virginia City if you are coming from Helena gas up in Alder).
Bring you own food, water, supplies for camping etc.
We are a family friendly club, feel free to bring the fam along.
Well behaved dogs are welcome.
This is a driving trip, don’t plan on hiking or extended photo shoots etc.
The weather looks MEH… plan on a cold evening and possible rain/snow.

That is about it. Feel free to post up any questions here. If you want to convoy down to the trail post up that too.

So who is in!? I am hoping to leave as close to 3 as possible.

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