406 Cruisers is here to enjoy the promotion of Toyota 4WD vehicles at every level from the general enthusiast with a stock vehicle to the hard-core highly modified vehicle user. Our mission is carried out first and foremost by the support of the TLCA. This includes environmental stewardship, community awareness and education.


November 9, 2021

Next Meeting! 406 Cruisers BBQ - Saturday Sept 18th @ Noon @ Bridger Bowl

Here it is!



It is time for our annual, MEMBERS ONLY Cookout! This one is on a SATURDAY and it takes the place of our typical 2nd Tuesday Meeting.

Tons of raffle prizes, free food, awesome Cruisers from all over the state.

Details for those who don’t need to read any further!
• WHEN: SATURDAY September 18th
• TIME: Noon till we’re done
• Where: Bridger Bowl Ski Mountain Lower Parking Lot (LINK)
• What: Members Only Cookout, bring the whole Family!
• Why: Fun/Adventure, Community and Land Cruisers!

What’s the big deal with this one?
• We want to gather all the 406 Cruisers members for our annual Cookout. This is an awesome chance to get to know folks, swap stories, exchange parts, and hang out around some of the best Cruisers in the last best place.
• It is on a Saturday so we can hang and let the kids run around!
• It is in an AWESOME location this year.
• Eat some good food together!
We want to THANK Stephen and Darren for their awesome service to the Club for over 6 years!
• We want to take ideas for upcoming meeting Topics and Venues.

YOU CAN BE A PART OF THE BIGGEST GIVE-A-WAY of the year. We are giving away a TON of gear, TONS! Were giving away:
o Extreme Air Portable Air Compressor
o Recovery Gear
o Max Traxx Mounts
o Front Runner Storage Box
o RAM mounts
o Fire Extinguisher
o LED lights from KC
o First Aid Kits
o Front Runner Jerry Can
o 406 Cruiser Swag
o A FREE 200 Series Land Cruiser! (Kidding just making sure you are still reading).
o And we are still working on more!

We want to cover some important voting issues, this is our best chance to have members make changes to the Club. We want to vote on the following:
o We want to change our Bylaws to allow us to vote no matter how many people show up for any meeting. Majority of those who are present win, pretty simple but it will help us move along some changes we want to make. It is our hope to present what is being voted on in advance so people have time to process and voice concerns before our meetings. This should speed up adding new people onto the board of directors and other voting issues. For example, if 20 people show… 11 votes is all it takes to pass a proposal.
o We would like to adjust how we accept members into the Club. What should club requirements be? Who should or shouldn’t be allowed to join? Should we have a Club sponsor for new members etc.
o We’d like to accept nominations for a few positions… Land Use Coordinator, Social Media Guru, a new Secretary for the Club etc.
o We want some feedback on how things have been so far this year 2021… we want to hear from YOU!

Bring your favorite Toyota, your family and some camp chairs… we’ll take care of the rest! This is the ONE meeting you don’t want to miss.

Maybe the adventurous can run back to Bozeman over Flathead pass when we’re done.


MT- 406 Cruisers MT- 406 Cruisers

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    by [email protected] (REZARF) on October 25, 2021 at 8:46 pm

    The new car wash right next to the Rib and Chop house on 19th and the frontage road (near Costco) is giving any one their free Premium car wash ($24 value) for the next week or so. One wash per day. Their vacuums and air blow out hoses are free too. Just thought I'd pass the deal along. I have gone through 2 times already trying to wash the overspray from the detailing demo off my wife's sequoia! Not a bad deal during hunting season, or to wash that nasty Cruiser you've been neglecting.

  • funny ad
    by [email protected] (3_puppies) on October 25, 2021 at 7:17 pm

    trolling craigslist and found this, I thought is was funny 15" Toyota Land Cruiser Steel Wheel - auto wheels & tires - by owner... 15" Toyota Land Cruiser steel wheel from 79 FJ 55. $75.00 - Cash Only - No Trades Located in Lake Fork near McCall boise.craigslist.org

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    by [email protected] (AirheadNut) on October 25, 2021 at 5:17 pm

    Hi all! Looking for some assistance/advice for doing the washer mod on the rear axle of my LJ78 Prado to correct the pinion angle. My rear driveshaft angles are out of whack after an engine swap, transmission modification and lift and are causing bad vibrations and eating the rearmost u-joint. If anyone has done this modification for caster correction and would be willing to lend a hand or give some useful tips on how to go about it that would be fantastic!

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